We produce Songs/Trailer for all kind of musical genres for companys, Events, Commercials and Artists/Privat Persons. With our big Pool of Producers and Composers we can produce from classical music over filmmusic, Rock, Pop, House to Charts. 


We produce for you...


-your new Company Song, that reflects your Philosophy musical and with lyrics.


-Trailermusic: for your new Commercial spot or Presentation, that matches exactly with your Product.


-Eventmusic: you celebrate an Event and look for special Music or Jingles for your Program? 


-Backgroundmusic: You look for Backgroundmusic for your Location that aims perfectly for your purposes? E.g.  Chillout-Mix for your Shop, Relax-Housemix for your  Wellnessressort or a Mix of Lounge and House for your Bar/Hotel.

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