MABEA-where the voice meets the violin

The international Show-Highlight for Events, Galas, Fairs and Aftershowparties.

The unique combination of Live-Vocals and Live-Violin.


You never heard a Sound like this. It arises from the combination of the classical

Violin-Sound of Beatrix and Mathew’s rocking-/swinging Voice.


The Repertoire reaches from pure Classical Music over Swing, Rock, Pop to House and Charts.


Some of the Top-Bookings of MABEA so far are highclass Events in Munich, Berlin, Kitzbühel Austria and Ibiza. Therewith clients such as Berlinale, Cinema for Peace,

Playboy, Hahnenkammrennen, Rilano.


You are looking for a Showact for special Moments or musical live or DJ-Plus Entertainment for your Event from Chillout during reception over Dinnerswing with different Showhighlights inbetween to DJ open End including Live Sets with Violin, Voice, Saxophon. 


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